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The code for Game GTA San Andreas with all the types of commands you need

The code for Game GTA San Andreas with all the types of commands you need

GTA San Andreas is a genre of role-playing game, extremely good action. You will play the role of a normal person embarking on the path of a gangster to live through the day and you have to overcome many challenges of survival. Moreover you will have to take part in the task of robbing, killing objects, insider or more difficult is to destroy an entire gang or an organization. GTA San Andreas is loved by a lot of gaming communities because the game is so diverse in life that you can make money with legitimate things without having to do bad things. Game graphics have been greatly upgraded compared to the first GTA versions.

When playing the game extremely difficult challenges and to get through all the screen levels, you will have to cheat a bit by using the commands. But all is for offline games only. If you play Online, it is very likely that you have been banned acc. So we give you just for entertainment when playing games.

Summary of the code of GTA San Andreas

1. Orders for you weapons

LXGIWYL – Level 1 weapon
KJKSZPJ – Level 2 weapon
UZUMYMW – Weapon level

2. Command bar changes the effect and status of players and surrounding bots

YLTEICZ – The aggressive driver.
COXEFGU – All cars are equipped with liquid Nitro tank.
ZEIIVG – All traffic lights are always green.
XJVSNAJ – The game is always at midnight
CIKGCGX – Party on the beach.
IOWDLAC – Black traffic.
CPKTNWT – All surrounding vehicles exploded.
AFSNMSMW – Boats can fly.
BSXSGGC – The vehicle will return to its original state.
RIPAZHA – A drive can fly.
ASNAEB – Clear all wanted levels.

BMTPWHR – Equip the vehicle is moving on the road.
ASBHGRB – Making logos and brands appear in Elvis everywhere.
FOOOXFT – Everyone is armed.
YSOHNUL – Makes the clock run faster.
PPGWJHT – Increase Game Speed.
BTCDBCB – Characters become fatter.
OUIQDMW – Use all weapons while driving.
PRIEBJ – Funhouse Theme.
MROEMZH – Gangsters gangs appear everywhere.
BAGOWPG – Show the amount of money on the character’s head.
YECGAA – Equipped with Jetpack (personal rocket).
AIYPWZQP – Equip Parachute.
HESOYAM – Increases health, adds armor and adds 250 USD.
NCSGDAG – Easy use of all types of guns.

JHJOECW – Huge Bunny Hop.
OSRBLHH – Increase wanted level to 2 levels.
WANRLTW – Shoot freely without reloading.
BAGUVIX – Blood and unlimited health (immortal).
CVWKXAM – Unlimited oxygen.
XICWMD – Stealth Vehicle.
JYSDSOD – Become an athlete.
OGXSDAG – All attentions attack you.
EHIBXQS – The girls followed.
LFGMHAL – High jump.
IAVENJQ – One shot.
AEDUWNV – Never go hungry.
AEZAKMI – Cancel the wanted notice.
AFPHULTL – Ninja Theme.
OFVIAC – Turns the sky into an orange color at 21:00.
ALNSFMZO – Making the atmosphere darker.
AJLOJYQY – People fight each other and get possession of the Golf Club.
BGLUAWML – Attacked by all other characters in the game.
PGGOMOY – Become an expert racer.
LLQPFBN – “Pink” traffic.
AUIFRVQS – It was raining.
SJMAHPE – Receiving more people on the tape
ZSOXFSQ – Acquire more people (Use Rockets).
THGLOJ – Limiting traffic accidents.
IOJUFZN – Riot Mode (violent mode).
CWJXUOC – Sandstorm.
LJSPQK – Increase wanted level to 6 stars.
KVGYZQK – Making the playing character become thinner.
LIYOAAY – Slow down the speed of the game.
BEKKNQV – All girls will follow you.
JCNRUAD – Car collisions will cause explosions.
CQZIJMB – Turns out the Bloodring Banger.
RZHSUEW – Turns into a golf cart.
EEGCYXT – Turns out a bulldozer.
OHDUDE – Transformed into a military plane.
JUMPJET – Transforms into a plane.
AGBDLCID – Turns off terrain cars
AKJJYGLC – Turning out a 4-wheel motorcycle
PDNEJOH – Racing cars 96
VPJTQWV – Racing car 07
JQNTDMH – Pickup trucks
KRIJEBR – Appeared limo (3 compartment car).
URKQSRK – Private jet.
AMOMHRER – Container trucks.
UBHYZHQ – Garbage truck
KGGGDKP – Yachts.
SZCMAWO – Suicide.
AFZLLQLL – The weather is very beautiful.
VKYPQCF – All taxis are equipped with Nitrous, L3 Bunny Hop.
BGKGTJH – There are only cheap cars on the street.
FVTMNBZ – All country traffic.
GUSNHDE – The cars move at a very high speed.
ICIKPYH – It’s sunny and windy.
MGHXYRM – Storm.

The map of the game is extremely spacious, you can explore 1 comfortably. In the game, there are a lot of vehicles and are in the form but some rare vehicles such as fighters, tanks, helicopters, armored vehicles, … extremely rare, you can Call it in or out easily with the other code

Use the command to play for fun, not spam too much you will get bored soon. Play the game in a reasonable way so that you can feel comfortable for long. Visit constantly so you always follow society.

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