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The survival game is liked and downloaded by many computer users. Raft is a sea survival game that is being released on Steam and has received great attention even though it is not a free game. Join Raft, you are abandoned in the middle of the ocean with a wooden raft and have to collect lots of resources from the drums that drift on the coast in order to have a chance to survive for yourself. In a vast ocean space with a small boat, you will have to do nothing to survive until you reach the shore. Download Raft game to start coming to the adventure of survival in the vast sea.

Game Raft
Raft throws you and your friends on a vast epic offshore adventure, with the goal of surviving, gathering resources and building yourself a worthy floating home living.

Although there is no clear plot, it seems that the game is set in the sinking ship, then you “drift” on a raft and floating in the sea in each hand with a hook.

All you need to do is use that hook to pick up the broken copper bottles, which are the foliage – wooden planks – wooden crates – scrap metal, of which the wooden crate is the most abundant item – which will often be there are other things left and maybe there are potatoes or tree seeds too. Collect the miscellaneous items, you will follow the recipe available to create other gadgets, but recognize the protagonist with survival knowledge is too dangerous – recipes are memorized. In a miraculous way, you can make a lot of things without using any tools, even sometimes you’ll wonder “how good is it?”.

Download Attractive survival game
Finally, there is a game that simulates satiety and thirst. Gathering bottles in the sea under the sun and the sun shining through your heart will make you lose a lot of water, so every time you hook up, the amount of water in your body decreases, and your body it takes less time to reduce.

Integrated multiplayer mode: survive alone or with friends in online collaboration mode.
Use fishing hooks to pick up floating debris.
Build equipment, weapons, grow crops and more to help you survive.
Expand raft by building a floating house to reside.
Learn new things about making things.
Control rafts to new places.
Drop anchor and explore deep in the ocean to find new resources.
Protect rafts from beasts at sea.
Game Raft does not bring a specific story that this story will be written by the player. We wake up and find ourselves floating at sea, surrounded by water and countless dangers lurking. What will you have to do to save yourself? Sure, the next day is not easy, but you can still survive with your own ability.

Attractive survival game genre
In addition to the small boat, you also have an additional fishing hook, by all means you have to find food sources and improve your boat more solidly. Wooden crates can be used to build boats, the boat will often be damaged by sharks, so repairing the boat plays an important role for your survival or not.

Every day players will feed by fishing, squid and some other type of sea creatures. If agile you will not take too much time to create yourself a kingdom at sea. This place will gradually be expanded and more sustainable to deal with storms or major attacks from bloodthirsty sharks.

Life will be softer once everyone has adapted to life here, we can get used to the unexpected storms and always be ready to cope with risks from the ocean. wide. Later, there will be more and more interesting and interesting things for you and your friends to do together.

Download Raft game
The kingdom at sea will gradually emerge in each person’s own way, we can dive to find the tools to build the boat more solid. The equipment will also be transformed immeasurably through players exploiting natural resources when passing through small oases at sea.

Download Raft game
Besides the single-player mode that makes you helpless in the vast ocean, the player can also participate in Raft game in co-op mode, this mode allows you to find friends to join the adventure. dangerous, support each other in difficult situations, players will reduce the fear when the storm comes.

Download Attractive survival game
Gradually the player’s boat will become comfortable like the legendary Titanic in the past. What you experience is also a part of unforgettable memories with many difficult and hard waves. Download Raft game to start an exciting survival adventure in the vast ocean.

Download Raft game
Minimum system configuration
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
Processor: 2.6 GHz Dual Core or equivalent
RAM memory: 4 GB
Hard drive with game settings free: 3 GB
DirectX: version 11
Graphics: GeForce GTX 500 or equivalent
Recommended system configuration
Operating System: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.6GHz
RAM memory: 8 GB
Hard drive with game settings free: 3 GB
DirectX: version 11
Graphics: GeForce GTX 700 or equivalent
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