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Download CorelDRAW – Application to create advertising banners, invitations, flyers

Download CorelDRAW – Application to create advertising banners, invitations, flyers

CorelDRAW is a 2D, 3D graphics software specialized in designing banners, canvas fonts, billboards, flyers, invitations, business cards, … after designing on a computer with software, with printable for multi-purpose use.

Main features of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite:

– Create unique technical drawings
– Highly interactive Web design
– Integrating images, fonts, templates, frames
– Apply colors to objects
– Preview the drawings

CorelDRAW includes many versions.

The latest version, CorelDRAW 2018, adds more features, a variety of design tools for choosing to design with a variety of objects and purposes, along with a multi-screen mode that is compatible with many types of screens. image, including a 4k screen, can convert images to a format compatible with popular graphics software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Autocad, … will make it possible for you to convert an existing image. make changes to other software for a variety of editing options.

CorelDRAW X7.1 version adds new tools, adding colors in the form of Color Styles to apply to objects, allowing the grouping of color styles of the same document format, supporting the design of compatible websites. operative. Besides, you should consult graphic design applications such as Wizardbrush, Ashampoo Home Designer Pro, Adobe After Effects …

CorelDRAW with flexible use functions, adhering to the ideas of the designer, with front text, formatting, … rich resources to help you design graphics, interfaces, websites fully and overview. CorelDRAW’s outstanding features are numerous, but one of them must include multi-screen support at the same time, high compatibility with devices, managing complex projects, managing fonts, letters. The institute of drawing patterns is numerous and extremely massive.

CorelDRAW is professional 2D and 3D graphic design software.

CorelDRAW’s user interface is friendly and easy to use, but it has a very rich array of feature systems, enough to meet all the creative requirements in the design of every object. . Good compatibility, support for multiple screens, how to handle and organize professional fonts, many content, available fonts … are also plus points of the application.

CorelDRAW is rated as one of the graphic design software with the largest data warehouse today with 10000 clipart and countless high-quality digital images, 1000 OpenType fonts, 350 professional templates, 2000. vehicle models, 800 frames and models. This application will help you easily create perfect 2D and 3D drawings according to many requirements with your work words in art, architecture, construction … or simply learn ask about design.

CorelDRAW is a massive data warehouse, including many things such as: thousands of clipart and high-resolution digital images, thousands of OpenType fonts, which are necessary facilities for drawings. In addition, there are templates, frames and templates for users to choose when using technical drawing design.

CorelDRAW adds new tools such as Corel CONNECT search tool with the function to work with many different categories, extract images from the client’s website, support to find content on computers, networks, or sources. other online. There are also tools to modify, create and add colors to drawings, groups of tone styles, tools for interactive website design, website development, and Timeline editing.

The CorelDRAW application allows you to create easily available website layouts with functions such as resizing, page numbering, leveraging fonts, working with foreign languages. The software is also popular with its fast working speed and high performance, can share blueprints or upload your files to the printer, create data compatible with many famous software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat …

CorelDRAW is a photo editing and graphic design application with a rich feature set that allows you to create unlimited creativity, create the products you want. The latest version of CorelDRAW is compatible with the latest operating systems, supports multiple monitors, works quickly and effectively, and is useful for design.

Besides Photoshop, Illustrator, Autocad, CorelDRAW is not famous as it is, but with all the features and richness of content, this software is also known as one of the processing software, graphic design. best today. With CorelDRAW, you will unleash, freely experience, promote your creativity through many features to create, edit photos as well as design banners, greeting cards … with lots of great functions. .

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