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Download Bluestacks 3 Free – Android Emulator for PC

Download Bluestacks 3 Free – Android Emulator for PC

BlueStacks is a leading Android emulator for PCs developed by Windows publisher BlueStacks, which helps to experience mobile applications and titles on larger, smoother screens. The latest version is BlueStacks 3, which brings many new features compared to the old version, along with optimizing the mobile gaming experience better than previous versions.

At the same time with many other Android emulators launched and flourished, BlueStacks 3 still maintained its leading position in the market when there were a large number of loyal users, and continued to increase. So what improvements on BlueStacks 3 have made it the No. 1 position in user choices? Let’s find out all about disability and how to use BlueStacks 3 in this article.

If you are a person who needs to learn and use emulators on your computer to satisfy the Mobile Android game experience on your computer, then Bluestacks 3 will be the first choice, worthy of mention. For those who are new to or not yet using this new version, will explain in detail the newly updated features of this version, as well as how to use Bluestacks 3 in a simple and quick way.

The installation steps to use BlueStacks 3 are not much different from previous versions, users can easily install even if they have not used the older versions using the instructions below of In terms of features, the performance throughout the game has been optimized, users will be able to experience and play all Mobile games better than ever.


Step 1: The important part is indispensable, of course, you need to download BlueStacks 3 software to your computer.

Step 2: After downloading, double-click the .exe file to start the installation.

Step 3: Click Install now to install.

Or you can click Customize installation to change the installation path of BlueStacks 3 so that enough 2GB (2048MB) of space is required. By default, the path will be C: \ ProgramData \ BlueStacks

Step 4: Wait a few minutes for BlueStacks 3 to automatically install on your computer. Depending on the configuration of your computer, the installation speed may be fast or slow.

Step 5: BlueStacks 3 program is installed, opening the interface will be Welcome to BlueStacks. Now just press the white arrow button to get acquainted with the new useful features on BlueStacks 3.

Wait a few minutes for the program to launch and start the first use session of BlueStacks 3.


Step 1: The first time you run BlueStacks 3, the system will suggest that you launch the positioning feature to determine the location as well as the preferred application area to help you download the application more accurately. Click Agree to continue.

Step 2: Next, click the arrow icon when the language pack for the software has been selected. Here I choose Vietnamese.

Step 3: On the first time you run BlueStacks 3, the system will ask you to provide a Google account to use the Google Play store. Click Continue to proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Enter your Gmail account information and password, then click the arrow icon.

Step 5: Click OK to agree to the terms of use of BlueStacks 3

Confirm Google services, press the arrow key to go to the next step.

Step 6: Set up payment account information so you can buy paid apps online. If there is no need and just download the free app, you can click No thanks.

Step 7: Set the display name of the device

Step 8: Finally, click Finish to finish the settings and start using BlueStacks 3.


Step 1: From the main user interface of BlueStacks 3, you can see clearly in this version that the applications are arranged quite sophisticatedly when listed through the list of applications with the ranking of target applications. expression.

Along with that is the My Apps tab, which helps you manage downloaded applications.

Feedback where you can send feedback.

Step 2: To use BlueStacks 3, from the main interface of the software, click on the Search box in the upper right corner and enter keywords to search for the application or game you need to use. Here I for example with the keyword Facebook, after typing you click on the glass icon lup next to search.

Immediately Facebook application appears, you click on the application or click Visit the Google Play Store

Step 3: After displaying the application details, you install the application as usual on the phone.

Step 4: Install, you launch the application right on Bluestack 3. The application will run in the same tab format as on Bluestack 2, the conversion is very easy, you can also click to Android tab to return to the main screen.

BlueStacks is the leading software in Android emulators, for users who are familiar with computers and want to use Android applications or games, but do not like the controls of touch devices or for some reason, now you can use all the phone applications on your computer instead of having to use daily smatphone devices with the help of Bluestacks 3.

The new version of Bluestacks 3 is updated this time, the software is improved quite strongly compared to previous versions of Bluestacks 1 and Bluestacks 2, with a new interface, optimized for low-profile devices, limiting lag lag. , no ads … all that we said in the Bluestacks 3 update article with many “quality” improvements before.

During using BlueStacks 3, many of you will encounter times when the software is running quite slowly and affecting the use. To speed up as well as make Bluestacks run faster, you can speed up BlueStacks in many different ways such as turning off tabs in the software, possibly increasing the amount of ram for the emulator or installing graphics on the default. specified, … all are easily adjusted in the settings.

Compared to Bluestacks 3, the latest version of Bluestacks 4 gives users outstanding improvements in features and interface. You have been able to start downloading the new version of Bluestacks 4 and experience the latest improvements that this famous emulator brings.

BlueStacks 3 is currently favored by a large number of users around the world because of its compatibility and support for applications, especially the games that the developers focus on and support the easiest controls for the game. With BlueStacks 3 application, you can turn your computer into a smartphone device, Android table with a new feeling, a completely different experience with large screen, control, text editing. with the key and the mouse. With very easy control operations, along with friendly interface will definitely be a great experience and should have.

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