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AutoCAD 2018 – Latest 3D and 2D drawing software for technical people

AutoCAD 2018 – Latest 3D and 2D drawing software for technical people

AutoCAD 2018 latest and most advanced 3D and 2D drawing software 2018. AutoCAD 2018 is equipped with the best optimization from previous software such as AutoCAD 2010, AutoCAD 2017. Can be adapted on many generations such as Windows-XP, WinDows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Improve performance compared to previous versions. Update a number of new features to optimize the system and improve the user interface.

Autodesk has just announced the release of AutoCAD 2018 and along with countless new tools designed to keep you at the forefront of design. In addition to the collection of typical new features of the new release, AutoCAD 2018 also marks the 35th anniversary of the most popular design platform in the world. My impression of this release is that it’s also much about the legacy of AutoCAD and the future of AutoCAD. Opening AutoCAD 2018 for the first time, you’ll find tools to help with common workflow challenges, enhancements to save performance, and the ability to take full advantage of 4K high-resolution displays. you and more.

Better saving performance – The compliments of the new file version.

Autodesk usually updates the DWG file version every three years. Spanning over five AutoCAD versions, AutoCAD 2013’s DWG file format is a welcome exception to that rule. The dominance of AutoCAD 2013 DWG file version has ended with the release of AutoCAD 2018.

The benefits of new DWG file versions are not always clear, but 2018 is also a welcome exception to that rule. Using the new DWG 2018 file version, you’ll notice a sharp increase in performance when opening and saving drawings. Our tests have found an increase in performance for most drawings, but drawings including annotated blocks, Mtext columns, and block attributes (including multiple rows) will see benefits. biggest.

Speaking of saving, the auto save function does an incremental saving instead of saving it completely (slower) whenever possible.

Better display performance with Sprinkles on the top
It doesn’t always translate into new features that we can touch, but Autodesk has invested heavily in modernizing the code that powers AutoCAD. Code modernization has many benefits across the board, but despite spending hours, it seldom moves into new features that we can touch. AutoCAD 2018 once again breaks the mold in this area.

Support high resolution display

The big news here is that AutoCAD 2018 is now fully compatible with high-resolution 4K displays. Now you can take advantage of every pixel on your screen without worrying about whether or not the interface will be scaled correctly. As expected, the Ribbon interface works beautifully on high-resolution screens, but what’s shocking is the classic interface. Autodesk also updates classic menus and toolbars to support high resolution screens.

Smooth line display

If you choose to run AutoCAD on a 4K monitor, you might want to see the new Smooth line display settings. The high-quality Geometry and Smooth-line display settings have been incorporated before, but these are now two separate settings. Autodesk separates the settings because of the high resolution screen.

When Smooth Line Display is turned on, AutoCAD will apply antialiasing to the lines in your drawing. Antialiasing is beneficial when running AutoCAD on a standard resolution monitor, but not always necessary when running on a 4K monitor. Although turned on by default for compatible graphics cards, turning off Smooth Line Display on 4K displays can improve performance without sacrificing display quality significantly.

Select Linetype Gap

Technically introduced for the first time in AutoCAD 2017.1 (released last fall), you can now select gaps of dashed lines. When I first took advantage of this function, I thought it was just a new feature. I recently learned that this is a new feature because it is the performance achieved by updates to the AutoCAD code. Previously, AutoCAD drew lines on the screen as a series of individual lines. What we can see is a single line with 16 dashes, the computer considered as 16 different lines. AutoCAD 2017.1 / 2018 now leverages your graphics card to draw a single line with a series of transparent segments. The result is not only a new feature, but also a better graphical tool.

Relative path External reference – Simplified

One of my favorite enhancements to AutoCAD 2018 is the refined external reference function. Using references outside the relative path is a long-term best practice. The simple reason for this is to make project sharing easier. By ignoring the drive letter of a reference, it’s easy to share / backup the project to DVD without any reference is broken.

Although there are many benefits of references outside of relative paths, I find there is much confusion about how to create them. Users often encounter the error that AutoCAD cannot create relative path references and eventually switch to full path references to get the job done. AutoCAD 2018 raises the bar for relative path references.

The default path type is used to create a new reference in AutoCAD 2018. In addition to changing the default path type, it is now also possible to create related path references without saving drawings. If the drawing is not saved before creating the relative path reference, AutoCAD will only find the relative path when you save the drawing. Going one step further, AutoCAD will prompt you to update the reference paths if you save you drawing in a new location. These new improvements alone will go a long way toward avoiding broken external references.

Text recognition and conversion of Mtext

Although introduced for the first time in AutoCAD 2017.1, the 2018 version represents the first release in which these features are available out of the box. AutoCAD 2017 has added the ability to convert PDF files into AutoCAD drawings. As impressive as that feature is, text using AutoCAD fonts like Simplex.shx will enter as a series of lines – not text. I will give you a strange explanation but enough to say that the result entered is not as many people expect.

To address this issue, Autodesk introduced the Recognize SHX Text command with the 2017.1 update last fall. Using this tool, you can select a series of lines that make up letters and AutoCAD will convert it into text. Although this core function remains the same in 2018, we receive some updates from the version in the 2017.1 update. In 2017.1, the first font that meets the Identification Threshold has been applied to the converted text. Starting with AutoCAD 2018, we now have the option to Use the Best Fonts.

For example, Simplex.shx and Romans.shx are very similar. The Recognize SHX Text command in 2017.1 often confuses these two fonts. Thanks to the Install Using the most appropriate new font in 2018, AutoCAD does a much better job of distinguishing between Simplex.shx and Romans.shx.

Get AutoCAD 2018 today
AutoCAD 2018 is available for download today. Customers who have registered to operate with AutoCAD can download the new version from the Autodesk Account page. If you do not have an active subscription, our team is here to help. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we not only explore some of the other features packed in AutoCAD 2018 but also showcased in the new WhatCAD online seminar in our upcoming AutoCAD 2018.

1. Open the installation file and click OK

2. Wait for the extraction process to complete, it will look like the following image, Click Install.

3. Select I Accept, then Next.

4. Here you select the options you want to install, you should leave the default and click Install.

5. The installation process takes place, you wait for it to install.

6. Installation is complete, click Finish.

7. The software asks if you want to Restart to finish the installation, select No.

8. On the Desktop screen, open AutoCAD 2018 software.

9. Here you select Enter a Serial Number to activate the product.

10. Select I Agree.

11. Select Active.

12. Type in Serial Number: 666-69696969 and the Product Key is 00J1 and click Next.

13. Run the file xf-adsk2018_64.exe or xf-adsk2018_86.exe (depending on the version you install) in the Keygen folder with Administrator rights to Active and follow the order as shown below, specifically as follows:

Click Patch, a success message will appear.
Copy the Request code number sequence into the Request box
Click Generate.
Copy the sequence in Activation paste in accordance with the instructions of No. 4 (note enough copy, do not leave)
Click Next to activate.

14. When activating successfully, it will appear as the picture. Click Finish to finish.

Have you downloaded AutoCAD 2018 yet? What was your first impression of this release? Let us know in the comments below. Your input will be handled as quickly as possible. Please rest assured to come back next time.

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